Animal life vs Human life

Something you may or may not need to know about me. I put the same value on human life as I do animal life. With the only difference being that I decide what is best for my animals, not them. Just as a parent would determine what is best for their child. If it is… Continue reading Animal life vs Human life

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Cutting Costs on Rabbit Food.

As some of you know I have not had a paying job for almost a year now, which means we really had to tighten our belts.  I had to find creative ways to get everyone the nutrition they needed with out going into debt so I played around with different ideas and finally found something… Continue reading Cutting Costs on Rabbit Food.

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Don’t Feed Your Dog This, Do Feed Your Dog This!

Has someone ever told you not to feed your dog something just for someone else to say that you should feed your dog the same thing? How do you figure out who to believe? With so much "info" floating around out there how do you know what is real and what isn't? What is marketing and what isn't?

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Saved Echo’s Ears by Cutting Out This!

Sometime last fall I noticed Echo was getting funky ears, I followed the traditional instructions about cleaning her ears and using antibiotics. I tried various types of antibiotics, for months I kept trying new things, different ways of doing the old things and anything else that was suggested. Nothing helped, in fact a lot of… Continue reading Saved Echo’s Ears by Cutting Out This!

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5 things most people think dogs shouldn’t eat but are actually good for them.

There are hundreds of posts and images detailing lots of foods that dogs shouldn't eat. Virtually all of them have at least one or more item that is ok for dogs and might even be beneficial. Here are five foods that people don't realize are good for their dogs. Garlic Most dog parents have been… Continue reading 5 things most people think dogs shouldn’t eat but are actually good for them.