My Rabbits DON’T Have Bedding or Shavings!

20161227_012816You guessed it! It’s confession time again.  If you have been following along you have already met Echo my wonderful Giant Schnauzer, so now it’s time to meet Sapphire and Meadow my beautiful bunnies. Both are rescues; Sapphire from the humane society with a hooked paw and Meadow from a construction yard. Before it comes up, no Meadow was not a wild rabbit but rather an Easter dump.

Today I confess with absolutely no guilt I don’t use paper bedding, wood shavings or fluff for their bedding.  They also don’t live in a tiny cage.  I have put together 2 dog exercise pens and given them majority of my laundry room. This means there is no top or bottom to their home and nothing to stop bits of paper or wood shavings from getting spread everywhere.  So instead they get quilts and blankets and cat huts and tunnels, they even have their own couch.

The blankets get brushed once a day or twice depending on how messy they have been, their litter boxes are scooped once to twice a day and the whole thing is stripped once to twice a month depending on (once again) how messy they have been.  Not using disposable bedding saves me roughly $50-60 a month and since I can keep reusing the blankets until they disintegrate I get to feel like I’m saving the environment too.



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